EuroGames #LYON2025

Executive Summary

France LGBT+ Sport Federation & sports organisations stand behind this application to organising and hosting the EuroGames in Lyon, France, from July 23 to 26, 2025! This is a collective decision, cast by the 55 LGBT+ sports organisations representing 6 000+ members across France.

Executive Summary

1997: 1st EuroGames in Paris
2018: 1st GayGames in Paris
2025: 1st EuroGames in Lyon!

Why hosting the EuroGames in France?

The largest LGBT+ sport and cultural organization in France. Created in 1998 in Lyon, CARGO (Cercle Associatif Rhône Alpin Gay Omni sport), has grown up to offer more than 10 different activities of which Badminton, Volleyball, Swimming, Squash, Handball, Football, Self Defense, Crossfit, Running and Choral.
CARGO is promoting “sport for all” with an active inclusion and diversity policy in particular for Transgender and desabled people, member of the French Parasport Organization since 2020.

Societal impact by building bridges within our society

Minds are changing along with the world, it is then more and more important to build bridges between individuals, groups and communities in order to develop a society based on equal rights and a “Be Yourself” motto.

The 2025 EuroGames in Lyon will contribute to binding communities and groups of people sharing values of inclusion, diversity, tolerance. It will also be a great opportunity to promote responsible behaviours in sport practice for a sustainable environment. Bringing people together that would not necessarily cross paths, in organising this event is a fantastic opportunity to promote a better society. This effort will lay the foundation of lasting bridges for mutual understanding and respect. As a reference, and through “Lyon Sport Office” more than half of the proposed sports and competitions in Lyon EuroGames 2025 will be held by “non LGBT+ defined” organisations.

They want to contribute actively prevailing the values of inclusion, diversity, and fight against all forms of discrimination in sport and society in and through their own organisations. In addition to the sport competitions, these games will also display a strong cultural program, with the opportunity to leverage several renowned festivals (Fête des Lumières, Les Nuits de Fourviere). Besides choir competitions, social and cultural happenings will be held in the city, as early as 2024, to promote the EuroGames and our values.

Inclusion, Diversity & Environment

A pioneering ambition for environment
The 2025 EuroGames in Lyon will be the most eco-friendly, demonstrating with the support of local expertise and organizations that such a large event can minimize adverse environmental impact.

Inclusion & Diversity
The 2025 EuroGames in Lyon will be for EVERYONE, beyond the LGBT+ sport community, involving all athletes endorsing our values. Thanks to a strong partnership with the French Federation of parasport, we will ensure to include parasports competitions in most of the sports offered to an extend never achieved in previous EuroGames.

This will include our outreach program focused on supporting athletes from European countries where LGBT rights are scarce and limited.

A Strong Legacy

Bringing people together in organising and hosting these games with a vision of building a better world. Through the commitment / involvement of strategic partnerships (FIER foundation, Paris 2018 legacy, & Paris 2024) and leveraging charts and tools the Eurogames 2025 inclusiveness and tolerance in sport and culture.

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