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EuroGames Lyon 2025 is not just another sporting event; it’s a movement. By partnering with us, you align your brand with values of inclusion, diversity, and sustainability while gaining unique benefits and opportunities.

Partner with us and become a catalyst for change. Support an event that celebrates unity, diversity, and the transformative power of sports to create a more inclusive world. Join EuroGames Lyon 2025.


Public Subsidies

The city and the Metropolis of Lyon clearly expressed they will support the event making sports equipment available for free as well as providing financial support

The DILCRAH, national delegation against racism and hates, will also support the event, as it supported Paris 2018 and it supports all significant French LGBT+ sport tournaments (TIP, Tigaly, etc) every year. The French minister of Sports will complete those public subsidies.

Fundations & Fundraising

Lyon 2025 will organize different fundraising events but, from a budget point of view, we remain cautious about the amount raised. We are confident we will obtain funds from some fundations starting with FIER, legacy of Paris 2018, as a sports event as Lyon 2025 is at the heart of FIER purpose.

Fundations & Fundraising

We plan to have 4 premium sponsors and 4 gold sponsors. As for fundraising, we remain cautious about the amount taken in account in the general budget.


Registration & Port Fees

Lyon 2025 will distinguish between early-bird and late registration for ELGSF members and non-ELGSF members.

ELGSF-members who register early will pay €55, EGLSF members who register late will pay €70. non-ELGSF members will pay €70 (early) and €90 (late). To limit the financial risk, the early registrations will be limited by a number (TBD) and not by a date.

On the top of this registration fee, each participant will be pay €20 by sport but €40 for few sports such as Squash, Ballroom dancing, Climbing or Sailing (see appendices)

This budget is cautiously based on 3000 ELGSF participants with an average total cost of €88 and 250 non-ELGSF participants with an average total cost of 108.

Ticketing & Other Incomes

In this budget we consider only the revenues linked to the closing party with 4200 participants paying each a 20 euros for entrance fee and spending 5 euros of drinks (net revenues).

Lyon 2025 offers to non-participants (friends, family, etc) a €25 visitor package to attend the opening and closing ceremonies as well as the Ballroom Dancing finals (TBC). The access to all other sports competitions and demonstrations will be free to everyone.

In order to minimize financial risk, the merchandising sales of visitor packages are not considered in this budget.


In accordance with the French accounting plan for NPO and as required to apply to all public subsidies, we will add to our iofficial budget the valuation of the hours of all volunteers mobilized to organize and execute the Lyon 2025 EuroGames. We estimate the valuation of those volunteer’s hours to €500,000.

Last but not Least

Lyon 2025’s target is to ensure a financially balanced event. From April 2022 to July 2025, all expenses will be spent only according to incomes confirmed and received. The budget execution will be reviewed frequently.


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