EurgoGames #LYON2025

They support Lyon 2025

French Governmental Institutions, France LGBT+ Sport Federation & sports organisations stand behind this application to organising and hosting the EuroGames in Lyon, France, from July 23 to 26, 2025!

French Sports Minister & Lyon City Council

From its 9 districts, through the entire city of Lyon, from the metropolis to the government, mayors, ministers, public services and politics support the EuroGames 2025 bid and will actively contribute to its success.


2025 will mark the middle of a decade which has strongly destabilized our benchmarks, our lifestyles, but which has instilled awareness of the urgency of moving towards a more united, more open and more responsible society.

The Lyon 2025 candidacy demonstrates your involvement (…) in organizing large sporting and festive gatherings that are both human and responsible, but also eager to leave a legacy with a dynamic continuing its irrigation beyond the event.

This candidacy, supported by my Ministry aims to ensure that everyone, beyond their singularity, finds their place in an ideal of living together.


…We are therefore delighted to be applying to host this great celebration that will be the 2025 EuroGames, embodying essential values in human emancipation: sporting competition, friendship, confluence of cultures, joy and conviviality.

I’m also deeply convinced that by relying on CARGO and the French Federation de Sport LGBT+ combined experience and the cooperation of all the associations, our public services and committed local partners, the City of Lyon will be the most relevant European spokesperson for the values of tolerance, living together, combating LGBTIphobia, and building a society where everyone is completely free to be themselves.

I, hereby, wholeheartedly support Lyon’s bidding for EuroGames 2025.

French national and regional institutions jointly support the #LYON2025 project

Partnerships with Associations

This is a collective decision, cast by the 55 LGBT+ sports organisations representing 6 000+ members across France. Community associations take action at regional and national levels.

Many associations linked to inclusion and diversity in sport and more globally within different communities have shown their support for #Lyon2025. The commitment of these renowned organisations gives us legitimacy and a large scale visibility that will allow the EuroGames 2025 to shine in France but also throughout Europe.

FIER’s goal is to make sport and culture more inclusive, and therefore more visible and participatory, for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* (LGBT+) people and to make it more diversity-friendly.

The Interassociative lesbian, gay, bi and trans (Inter-LGBT), created under the name of Lesbian & Gay Pride Ile-de-France in 1999, is part of a movement which, for the past 30 years, has swung the question of sexual orientation and gender identity to the spotlight, through festive events.

The French Handisport Federation is an association in charge of organizing, promoting and developing physical and sports activities for people with motor, visual or auditory disabilities.

SOS homophobie is a non-profit, volunteer-run organisation committed to combating hate-motivated violence and discrimination against LGBTI people. Founded in April 1994, SOS homophobie currently has over 1500 members

Sidaction is an association created in 1994 to raise awareness and fight against HIV/AIDS. It is also an annual TV broadcast fundraising event which help finance research programs and associations helping the sick and preventing HIV in France and abroad.

Private Sponsoring

In order to gather support from private partners, we are building a network of “EuroGames 2025 sponsors”. This network will actively contribute to support (financially or pratically) the core values of these EuroGames. Either through having a positive societal impact through promoting Inclusion & Diversity, and/or an environmental impact, and/or ensuring a strong legacy for the LGBT+ community in France and Europe.

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