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Let's Live Together!

The EuroGames can be a real opportunity for change in society, a tool to empower people to bring inclusion and diversity in the heart of sports. And Lyon 2025 wants to make people from all backgrounds, ages, sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions and abilities feel welcome, respected and know that they belong in this great event.

It's about Inclusion
& Diversity

Lyon is strongly committed to inclusivity in its broadest sense and, if selected, will put inclusivity at the centre of the 2025 EuroGames: for the LGBTQI+ community of course, but also for anyone, regardless of their origin, social status, age or whether they have a disability or not.
From the opening to the closing ceremony, inclusivity will be the common thread throughout.


Lyon is collaborating closely with the French Federation of Disability Sports (36 000 licensees) and the Regional League for Disability Sports (AURA). This partnership will be essential for hosting a friendly tournament of disability sports. And whenever possible competitions will be held at European level, provided we are able to mobilise organisations from other countries.

In order to raise the awareness, we will organise activities inviting both children and adults, to experience sports with a disability (Blind soccer, wheelchair basketball, blind running, etc.).


Transport and visa support, free shared accommodation and special rates will be offered to people with lower income (students, unemployed people, etc.).


Anyone should be able to participate in the gender category they identify.

  • Registration forms will make sure to include all options of gender identification.
  • Male categories will be open to anyone who identify as male.
  • Female categories will be open to anyone who identify as female
  • Whenever the number of non-binary participants will be sufficient, a third category will be offered.
  • Particular attention will be paid to include all genders and have diverse representation, in particular among referees, presenters and commentators.
  • Whenever possible, there will be ungendered toilets, showers, changing rooms.

More generally, staff (referees, volunteers, etc.) will be specifically trained to ensure the best welcome to all participants.
Conferences & Talks will be organised around the issues of inclusivity More in the section dedicated to events.

It's about the

Lyon 2025 organization will leverage the regional program “Lyon Ville Equitable et Durable” created in 2010 to support and enhance initiatives, companies, organizations, institutions that have a sustainable policies and approach to preserve the environment.


The EuroGames are a wonderful moment for bringing focus and attention to LGBT+ rights and values. Now is the time when inclusivity and diversity are at front and core. It is a time when building bridges bring people together. Now is the time when sexual orientation, gender identities, gender expressions must not be grounds for discrimination and when everyone should feel welcome. But we want to go further than that. The Eurogames are a wonderful opportunity for building bridges with other communities and people as well. Bridge that go both ways in fostering mutual respect and understanding.

2025, the Year of Inclusion & Diversity in Lyon​

Lyon will make 2025 the year of diversity and inclusivity (as it is being discussed with the city council) with a number of events and activities, the EuroGames being the flagship event. During the EuroGames, the city and partner organisations from civil society and the private sector will organise awareness-raising activities around inclusivity We will also leverage “FIER* foundation” tools and guides to assess their diversity and inclusion policies with the possibility to get the FIER* label acknowledging their efforts. More about the certification and the Gay Games 2018 heritage in appendice.

The strong partnership with the city of Lyon and the Lyon Sport Office (OSL), onboarding in the organization sports clubs beyond the LGBTQ+ community will also be a great lever of legacy by implementing sustainable relationships between communities in sports reinforced by the signing of the charter against homophobia in sport.

Being Visible

In order to be visible we will deploy a strong Marketing plan and as content is king on social media we will dedicate a team to the creation of multimedia content before, during and after the event.

Lyon will make 2025 the year of diversity and inclusivity with a number of events and activities organised, with the Eurogames as the flagship event.


Paris 2024

Beside surfing the enormous wave of enthusiasm and positivity that the Olympic Games in Paris 2024 will generate, Lyon 2025 intends to leverage and capitalize this impact to promote the EuroGames 2025. Those Olympic Games will be the Games of “Inclusiveness and Diversity”. They will support several initiatives and programs promoting diversity and inclusiveness in Sports and Society. And thanks to a strategic partnership between Lyon 2025 and Paris 2024, the EuroGames 2025 would have the opportunity to be in the spotlight for all Olympic Games athletes, visitors, press and media. For example, among several other initiatives, the Olympic committee is considering setting up “Pride Houses” in different locations (Athletes villages in Paris, Fan Zones in Paris and other cities). Those houses will serve as meeting points, hosting events, seminars, happenings, exhibitions promoting diversity and inclusiveness in sports and society. Thanks to this partnership, Lyon 2025 will leverage this program and promote the EuroGames 2025 to an even wider public.

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