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From 23 to 26 July 2025​

Welcome to the official website of EuroGames Lyon 2025. As we prepare to host athletes from across Europe in Lyon from July 23rd to 26th, join us in becoming member of the association. Explore this page to know more about it and subscribe to our Social Platforms to stay informed of all coming exciting news.

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EuroGames Lyon 2025
Inclusive Sports,
Celebrating Diversity

Join the celebration of diversity in sports at EuroGames Lyon 2025! From July 23rd to 26th, unite with athletes across Europe in Lyon. Let’s roar our pride, share joy, and build connections that transcend borders. Experience competition, celebration, and unity.
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Building bridges between communities

In partnership with the OSL and about 15 to 20 traditional sports organisations that share the values of inclusion and diversity, these bridges will form the basis of a strong legacy.


Inclusion and diversity on a large scale

The EuroGames 2025 in Lyon will be for EVERYONE. Beyond the LGBTQIA+ sporting community, involving all athletes who share our values, with a strong emphasis on parasports.


A strong commitment to the climate protection

The EuroGames 2025 in Lyon will be the most environmentally-friendly event possible, demonstrating, with the support of local organisations, that an events of this scale can minimise the negative impact on the environment.

In Vienna in 2024, In Lyon in 2025

the eurogames are held every year in a european city

Organisation of the EuroGames Lyon 2025

Three major players in sport, inclusion and diversity are joining forces to share their experience and their teams around common values…

Cercle Associatif Rhône Alpin Gay Omnisport, the largest LGBTQIA+ sports and cultural organisation in France, with 1000 members and over 10 sports and activities. Every 2 years, CARGO organises the TIGALY international sports competition, with 12 sports and over 1,800 participants.

The LGBTQIA+ Sports Federation brings together over 50 associations in France, covering more than 40 sports and 7,500 athletes. Every year, the Federation organises an international tournament in Paris, bringing together over 3,000 athletes of all nationalities for 3 days.

The Lyon Sports Office brings together the city’s 300 sports associations. Its volunteers, involved in the associations, the city’s elected representatives and sports enthusiasts supervise more than 110,000 sportsmen and women in over 150 activities.

Partnership Proposal

Welcome to EuroGames Lyon 2025! Would you like to become a partner? Download our presentation document to find out how your organisation can join us in encouraging diversity, inclusion and sporting excellence. Join us in promoting strong values that transcend borders and bring communities together.

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An experienced team with complementary skills.
Supported by Lyon City Council.
Our Values. Being visible to leave a lasting legacy.
Strong partnerships with sport organisations. More than 25 sports represented.
It's about inclusion, diversity and environment. Being visible to leave a lasting legacy.
An experienced team with complementary skills.
Supported by Lyon City Council.
Lyon, a human-sized and easy to access city. A historical place, capital of gastronomy.

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